DAVID LILLEY Creator of the DEBRA Formula

Hailing from Derbyshire, David Lilley is a vastly experienced marketing and business development expert. He has enjoyed a long and distinguished career, working in senior roles for blue chip organisations and as an advisor and consultant to several well-known brands in the wellbeing, finance, leisure and hospitality sectors. These brands include the likes of American Express, RCI, BT, British Gas, Forever Living, Barclaycard, Hiscox Insurance & Mastercard.

A very capable strategic thinker, a respected leader and a sought-after project director (one who has a reputation for getting things done efficiently and to a high standard), David is also of a philanthropic nature, having been involved in charity and community work for the last 20 years.

David is passionate about personal development, effective time management and living a life of design. David describes himself as a planner and a navigator. You can hear about the background to the creation of the DEBRA Formula here.

  SARAH LILLEY  Operations Director  

Sarah Lilley is educated to a degree-level in Tourism Marketing. After four years at University, including a year with well-known Tour Operator Thomas Cook, she occupied a variety of management positions for one of the world’s leading holiday ownership exchange brands. Sarah has valuable experience in tourism and resort/hotel-related business development, resort marketing, business development, trading partner management and telemarketing.

Since 2008, Sarah has worked alongside David in running their group businesses and managing their various clients. As well as being David's loving wife, partner and best friend, she (along with his children) are his reason why - his life motivation.